Computer-Based Honors Program

The Nation’s First Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Program

The Computer-Based Honors Program is a nationally recognized undergraduate research program which pairs academically elite students directly with leading research professors and cutting-edge computing technology to complete scholarly research projects in any field of study.

The Computer-Based Honors Program at The University of Alabama has been cited by the National Institute of Education as one of the six most intriguing honors programs in the United States and was the first university-wide undergraduate research program in America.

The CBHP gives outstanding students majoring in any field the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors while applying computing technology to a research project in their major field of study. Whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer, chemical engineer, marketing executive, or English professor, applying research skills and computing technology to your career field is essential for success.

During their freshman year, students complete an intensive series of courses on complex problem solving, the use of computers, project management and research fundamentals. These essential skills enable students to quickly learn and adapt to technologies required for faculty-directed research projects. Throughout their sophomore to senior years, CBHP students select a research project in which the student will work closely with a faculty member who will serve as a project director. Students will typically work on projects in areas related to their academic discipline; however, they may elect to work in an unrelated field to challenge themselves and broaden their exposure to academic research.