• April 20th, 2021

April 20, 2021

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Carmen Mayer, Associate Professor of French, has been chosen as the Director of External Scholarships and Fellowships. This position will serve the entire University of Alabama student community and will be housed in the Honors College.

Mayer has been with the University since 2002 and earned tenure in 2008. She is a member of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA) and recently served as the first Provost Faculty Fellow. During her time at The University of Alabama, Mayer has played an integral role in developing UA’s scholarship advising culture. As a leader on campus and in the community, Mayer serves as Vice President of AIZEN, Association International for Émile Zola and Naturalism Studies, and campus representative for the Marshall, Mitchell and Truman Scholarships.

“Dr. Mayer has an impressive record of scholarship work over the last decade, including advising numerous award winners.  Even more impressive, however, is her commitment to expanding access to these opportunities and recruiting a diverse community of future applicants. I’m delighted that the Honors College will be supporting the implementation of her vision for external scholarships and fellowships at UA,” said Dr. Tara Williams, UA Honors College dean.

In her work with external scholarships and advising, Mayer aims to help students realize their full potential. Her efforts will continue to improve communities as well as contribute to society.

“I am excited by this opportunity to join the Honors College team and look forward to establishing the new Office of External Scholarships and Fellowships. Here at the University of Alabama, we already have a solid track record of promoting certain prestigious national awards, and tested experience guiding students through the process of applying for them,” said Dr. Mayer. “Part of my job will be to continue that enterprise, but also to expand on this achievement culture. I hope to partner with groups across campus, identify and promote new awards we can and should be applying for, reach a more diverse cross section of UA students, and celebrate many new successes. Winning an award is great, but I also want to get out the message that the process of applying is a value in and of itself.”

Mayer’s research and publications focus on 19th-century French literature. Her current works in progress include a monograph, titled “Zola’s Secular Evangelism: The Post-Naturalist Utopias of the Quatre Évangiles,” a book on Zola’s final series, the Quatre Évangiles (Four Gospels) and an article titled, “Mens sana in corpore sano: Eugène Paz, Paul Féval (père), Émile Zola, and an Entire Generation ‘au gymnase’”.

Mayer has a Ph.D. in Romance Languages, a master of arts in French, and a bachelor of arts in French from the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon.

In addition to her responsibilities as Director of External Scholarships and Fellowships, Mayer will continue her work as a faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics.

The Honors College at UA enhances the undergraduate curriculum. Its foundation is the Honors Experience, which provides students with an enhanced academic curriculum and the ability to work with their peers and outstanding faculty members in an enriched academic environment. 

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