FrSem: HYO Cultural Literacy

  • UH 155
  • Teacher: Chad Berry
  • Term: fall 2019
  • Credits: 3

This course is designed to prepare students how to successfully live in and among other cultures. While we will focus on study abroad, this course is also useful for students who do not necessarily plan to study abroad. Encountering unfamiliar cultures is inevitable. In fact, as first-year University Honors students, you are likely to experience a cultural transition of your own as you move from the familiarity of your hometowns to a university campus. This course will introduce you to the academic study of culture, and it will also help you to navigate the process of living in a new environment.

First, we will discuss the fundamental issues that a student must face when preparing for study (or work) abroad. Next, we will examine a selection of specific cultures through in-depth case studies. Finally, we will discuss several controversial issues from a global perspective. By developing an appreciation for your own culture, and an understanding of other cultures, you will be more prepared for the challenge and the responsibility of living and learning abroad.