HnExpl: Habitat for Humanity Preceptorship

  • UH 120
  • Teacher: Ellen Potts
  • Term: spring 2018
  • Credits: 3

Students enrolled in the Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa Practicum Course will learn about societal issues with poverty housing and the sustainable business model of Habitat for Humani- ty. Additionally, each student will be assigned to an area of Habitat Tuscaloosa for their practicum experience (4 hours per week). The course is open to all areas of interest, but special areas of need are Accounting, Social Work, Engineering, PR / Marketing, Communication, and Retail Merchandising. Efforts will be made to help students gain experience in their major field of study where possible. It is recommended that students journal weekly (not graded) as this will be helpful in writing the paper (graded) at end of the semester.