HnExpl: Globalization Seminar

  • UH 120
  • Teacher: Lenka Nolan
  • Term: fall 2019
  • Credits: 1

Want to understand what Globalization really means – to you, the environment, different economies? Follow the creation, sale and reuse of a T-shirt and you will gain insights into what is happening today and what may be in our future.

In this class we will read Pietra Rivoli’s widely acclaimed, The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy, and use the book as a launching pad to examine the “market, power and politics of World Trade” as it has evolved in recent history. Voted one of Financial Times’ Best Business Book of the Year, the book examines the growing of cotton, then its use to manufacture a simple T-shirt, its sale and reuse. Supplementing the book with current news selections, we will begin to deepen our understand what globalization means today, how it has changed in even just 10 years, and what we may expect in the future.