HnFinArt: Screenwriting: Scene Workshop

  • UH 210
  • Teacher: Alan Lazer
  • Term: spring 2020
  • Credits: 3

Have you ever wondered why some movies make you dream, while others just put you to sleep? In this class, we will seek to answer that question by developing an understanding of dramatic screenwriting. This class will focus on how a scene works by exploring the fundamentals of dramatic storytelling such as conflict, character development, and antagonists. In addition we will develop the ability to analyze creative writing, and improve it through rewriting. Even if you aren’t a film buff or aspiring screenwriter, advancing a knowledge of narrative can be useful in your everyday life: you can figure out how to create a more compelling paper or presentation, as well as identify how the stories swirling around social media, the news, and other sources may be squirming their way into your subconscious. There are stories all around you, so how about you try writing a few yourself this coming Fall?