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Bob McCurley


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Bob McCurley currently teaches as an adjunct instructor in the Honors College, teaching courses relating to law and government: “Practical Politics-Elections”; “Practical Politics-The Legislature”; “Politics, Ethics and Lobbying”; “A new Constitution for Alabama-How do you want it?”; and supervises the  Honors College “Town Hall” courses. In addition, he teaches “Real Estate Transactions” and “Legislation and the making of Public Policy” at Cumberland School of Law, courses he taught for over 30 years at The University of Alabama School of Law. He was previously Director of the Alabama Law Institute, the State’s law revision agency, from 1975 through 2011. He assisted the Constitution Revision Commission as a drafter to revise Alabama’s 1901 Constitution during 2011-2013. He has written eleven books on law and government.

Active in civic affairs, Dr. McCurley served two years as President of the Kiwanis International Foundation, worldwide charity.