Dr. Ken Fridley, Interim Dean

Kenneth J. Fridley

Interim Dean

Contact Information

Dr. Fridley earned a B.S. in civil engineering from Washington State University; an M.S. in architectural engineering from the University of Texas at Austin; and a Ph.D. in civil engineering from Auburn. He has served on the faculty at Purdue University, the University of Oklahoma, Washington State University, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is considered to be a leading expert in the area of engineered wood construction and hazard mitigation. Dr. Fridley joined UA in 2003 as Professor and Head of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering and is privileged to serve as Interim Dean of one of the nation’s leading honors colleges.  The Honors College at UA is home to a community of dedicated faculty scholars offering a large collection of honors courses and programs, each designed to engage students with a variety of educational and experiential opportunities.