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Sophia Chadwick

Office Associate II

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Sophia Chadwick had the privilege of joining the Honors College family in February of 2019 as Office Associate II.  Mrs. Chadwick says, “When I was researching Honors College in preparation for my interview, I fell in love with all that I learned and all that Honors College stands for.  That was definitely the hardest I had prepared for an interview because I wanted to work for Honors College so bad!”  Sophia originates from Bakersfield, California.  In 2001, she and her young ministry family, husband Aaron and three sons, set off on an exciting journey and moved from California to a small and quaint town called Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where they were part of a ministry team at a residential Christian boys’ ranch.  Sophia and her family have had the joy of experiencing various cultures while serving in ministry in multiple states – Jay, Oklahoma; McAdenville, North Carolina (Christmas Town USA); and now Tuscaloosa since 2008.  Sophia has worked in the field of medical transcription for local hospitals (medical and psychiatry) in the states she’s lived in and also for an online company where she transcribed for a couple of VA Hospitals located in Pennsylvania and New York.  In her early days of medical transcription, she thought she was going to pull out her hair while learning how to transcribe brain surgery reports for a neurosurgeon who dictated with a very strong accent!  After 10+ years of medical transcription, she decided she really wanted more interaction with people, and since that time has enjoyed working in the secretarial field in various offices of education, children/family counseling, and doctors’ offices.  Sophia loves greeting people with a smile both in person and on the telephone!