The University of Alabama has many rich traditions, not the least of which is providing leadership opportunities for young people. For generations, many of our state’s leaders have honed their skills while students at the Capstone.

In this spirit, the Capstone Council, an alumni group composed of former Capstone Men and Women, the Office of the President, and the Honors College host an annual Capstone Leadership Academy focused on the themes of Values, vision, and voice. One hundred twenty-five outstanding high school sophomores from across Alabama who have shown an interest in leadership through service are selected to participate in this event, which is held on The University of Alabama campus in the spring.  The purpose of the two-day event, which features dynamic speakers and group activities, is to give students the tools and the training to apply their leadership skills to opportunities in their own communities.

Each fall, high school counselors across Alabama are invited to nominate two students who demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities and have a GPA of at least 3.0 The nominated students are then invited to apply for CLA. More information about the 2018 Capstone Leadership Academy, scheduled for spring 2018, will be available this summer.

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