In Honors we believe to truly be educated citizens of the world we have to be informed and aware of the different cultures in it – and respect and understand those cultures as well as we can. The Cultural Experiences branch of HCA helps to provide that knowledge by bringing students of all cultures and backgrounds together. Cultural Experiences allows students to “explore the world” from right here in Tuscaloosa through events like these:

First Friends partners new exchange students at UA to meet fellow undergrads who can welcome them and show them the basics of student life in Tuscaloosa. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and grad students are invited to participate.

World Showcase events on campus are put on 4 or 5 times a semester. We meet up in BB Comer and experience cultures from around the world. Each event highlights a different country: Japan, India, China, Turkey. Taste the food, do the dance, learn the traditions. It’s an international party.

Study Abroad Interest Sessions are held a few times each semester. We gather to hear incredible stories of others and plan our own exciting adventures during Honors study abroad programs.