What is the role and scope of healthcare in rural communities? There’s no better way to discover the impact a future career might have in a rural community than by the Medicine & Community experience. Medicine and Community is an experiential learning course for pre-medical Honors students. Students are taught to provide diabetes and hypertension screenings, and hands-on experiences take place with patient populations of various socioeconomic backgrounds. An added component of the experience is that it provides a community of peers providing guidance throughout the medical school application process.

  • Rotations
    • Sowing Seeds of Hope Clinic (Marion, AL): Students work alongside Samford pharmacy students to provide health screenings to people in the Black Belt, a medically underserved area and a food desert.
    • West End Health Project (Tuscaloosa, AL): Students perform free health screenings, including diabetes and hypertension screenings and diet counseling, for the homeless population at the Salvation Army.
    • Local Physician Shadowing: Includes orthopedics, cardiology, and family medicine at the University Medical Center.
  • Guest Lecture Series
    • Rural Medicine and Racial Disparities in Medicine
    • Suturing Workshop
    • Current Medical Students
    • Indian Health Reserve
    • Geriatrics
    • Nutrition
    • Sports Medicine

Interested? Email uamedicineandcommunity@gmail.com or apply to the program.

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