• February 13th, 2023

February 2023 Honors College Student of the Month

Hunter W. Enders

Home College: College of Engineering

Major: Computer Engineering

Hometown: Boaz, AL

Honors College Involvement: University Honors Programs, Randall Research Scholars Program, STEM Path to the MBA.

I am involved in the Randall Research Scholars Program and the STEM Path to the MBA Program. These programs have helped me form strong connections with my peers and given me experience working on projects that simulate real-world challenges. I have also completed multiple Honors-level courses, namely the Honors versions of Computer Science I and Engineering Foundations.

University and Community Involvement:

I serve as a volunteer assistant scholars bowl coach for my former middle school (Gadsden Middle School) and a volunteer moderator at local scholars bowl tournaments. I am active in my church, singing and preaching regularly, and I enjoy being involved with the Navigators, especially their freshmen Bible study sessions. At the beginning of September, I suddenly fell very ill and had to undergo emergency surgery. This prompted a three-month period of recovery from home and an additional surgery. Although I was not on campus very much last semester, I attempted to be involved as much as I could and remained in contact with my professors, peers, and organizations. I completed all of my coursework at home and attended meetings via Zoom.

Why Honors?

I am part of the Honors College because I enjoy being surrounded by individuals who challenge me daily to be the best I can and think critically. Additionally, I enjoy having meaningful, enlightening conversations with other students who also aspire to learn, grow, and succeed. The encouragement and support I have received from my peers, mentors, and instructors have been true blessings and have helped me fit in and thrive. I am grateful to be part of the Honors family!

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