• March 24th, 2017

The University Fellows Experience (UFE), an elite program comprising 115 students within The University of Alabama’s Honors College, is celebrating its 10th anniversary on March 24-25. To recognize this milestone, UFE will welcome 70 alumni Fellows back to campus to join 80 current Fellows, faculty, and University administrators for a day-long symposium on campus and banquet at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Among the alumni presenting at the symposium are Lauren Hardison, analyst at Goldman Sachs; Alan Blinder, reporter with the New York Times; David Bailey, founder of Bitcoin Magazine; Shannon Lindamood, professional dancer and University of Pennsylvania law student; and Sarah Saint, Wake Forest University law student who was recently named by the National Jurist as one of the 25 top future lawyers in the nation.  Speakers will address critical issues in society, including technology.

Following the classical purpose of education, the University Fellows Experience brings together exceptional students from diverse disciplines to prepare them to become agents of change through commitment to leadership and service. UFE, which admits approximately 30 students each year, combines a rigorous academic curriculum with civic engagement and two signature opportunities, the Black Belt Experience in Marion, Alabama, for freshmen, and the Cuba Experience for juniors. UFE was founded with the mission of creating not only excellent scholars but also “good citizens.” According to Dr. Jacqueline Morgan, associate dean of the Honors College and director of UFE, “This idea of combining scholarship with character-scholarship with integrity, scholarship with ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’-really makes a difference.”