Please find your Honors College advisor, useful forms, and frequently asked questions below. If you need further assistance, please email your Honors College advisor or call us at 205-348-5500.

Honors College advisors are unable to clear registration holds or advising pins. Please see your home college advisor for assistance with these items.

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How to Schedule an Honors Advising Appointment

To schedule an appointment with an Honors College advisor, please use the Honors Advising Appointment Request. Please be sure to provide as much information as needed when completing your appointment request. This information is valuable for advisors as they prepare to meet with you. Please note that advising appointments are typically held between 9am-noon and 1:30pm-4pm. We do not offer same-day appointments or walk-in advising at this time.”

Honors College Advising FAQs

Embedded Therapist

The Honors College has partnered with the Counseling Center and The Division of Student Life to launch an embedded therapist initiative within the Honors College. The embedded therapist (ET) will provide services for students within the Honors College and act as a liaison between the Honors College and the Counseling Center. The ET will be housed in the Honors College.

The ability of the ET to work with students will depend on availability. The main Counseling Center has all the services described below available for students as well, and there may be times where that will be the quicker option for students to receive help. Services provided by the ET are considered part of the Counseling Center and are confidential and private.

Services Offered:

Single session appointments: Students will be able to schedule single session appointments through contacting the main Counseling Center at (205) 348-3863. These appointments are a one-time phone consultation with a counselor that will last roughly 25 minutes. The counselor can help by exploring current concerns, providing brief interventions and advice, and helping the student determine what Counseling Center resources best fit their needs for the future. Single session appointments are free of charge and are available to be scheduled on Monday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and Thursday 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. on a first come first served basis.

Brief Individual Counseling: Individual counseling sessions are provided through a brief treatment and goal-oriented model. Students can contact the main Counseling Center to inquire about scheduling and availability with the ET.

Group counseling: The ET will provide group counseling and workshops for Honors College students as needs are identified. These groups will meet at fixed times during the semester and are free of charge. We will readily advertise the groups when they are available.

Referrals: The ET will also act as a bridge to the main Counseling Center. They will provide referrals and helps students get scheduled with those resources as needed. They will also help students with finding referrals for other resources on campus and in the community as needed.

Crisis Intervention: Students experiencing a mental health crisis should be directed to the main Counseling Center. A mental health crisis can be defined as:

  • A life-or-death issue related to suicide, deliberate self-harm, or thoughts of harming others.
  • A serious or severe traumatic experience or loss
  • Serious mental illness, such as delusions, hallucinations, or disorientation
  • Lack of access to basic needs, such as food or housing

*If you are experiencing a crisis, please call (205) 348-3863 and ask to speak with a counselor immediately (205-348-5454 after hours/weekends). If able, you are welcome to walk-in anytime during business hours at the main Counseling Center located at Suite 3000 South Lawn Office Building, 1101 Jackson Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487. Inform the front office staff you are in crisis and need to speak to the counselor on duty.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Honors Students can access the ET by calling the main Counseling Center at 205-348-3863 to schedule:

  1. Single session appointments
  2. Screening appointments to initiate future individual treatment

  • The Career Center helps with resume building, interview prep, and other career readiness skills.
  • The Education Abroad office can assist you in finding an abroad program, selecting courses, education abroad grant opportunities, and much more!
  • The Academic Catalog lays out all academic policies and procedures, requirements for graduation, and specific college information.
  • The Academic Calendar gives important dates such as the last day to drop a class with or without a “W”, registration times, and start and end dates of the semester.




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