Honors College Vision

To have the Honors College be recognized, from local to national, as a home to a diverse community of scholars and a leader in honors education and student engagement.

Honors College Mission

To recruit, retain, and actively engage high-performing and high-potential students within a diverse community of scholars, and to inspire students to connect with others as they become Critical and Creative Thinkers, Ethical and Empathetic Citizens, and Collaborative and Inclusive Leaders within their chosen fields of study and beyond.

Honors Commitment to Diversity

The University of Alabama Honors College is committed to cultivating a scholarly community that celebrates values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The Honors College strives to create and actively promote a welcoming and supportive environment where diverse perspectives and identities are encouraged, recognized, and respected.

A Community of Scholars

The Honors College is the home to an engaged and diverse community of transdisciplinary scholars, and the Honors College faculty are dedicated to educating students, who as graduates, are defined by three key characteristics of a learned scholar:

Critical and Creative Thinkers who synthesize information, ideas and values, and who develop creative solutions to complex issues;

Ethical and Empathetic Citizens who evaluate solutions to complex social or professional issues integrating perspectives and beliefs of others that one does not necessarily share; and

Collaborative and Inclusive Leaders who apply principles of teamwork, collaboration, inclusivity, and leadership to mentor and serve others in diverse environments.