A Collaboration between the College of Education and the Honors College

Mission Statement

Reflecting The University of Alabama’s mission of advancing the intellectual and social condition of the people of the State through quality programs, the minor in educational studies is designed as an opportunity for Honors College students (1) to develop a knowledge base about education and schooling; (2) to design strategies to improve the conditions of education; and (3) to impact positively the educational system. An overarching goal is to enhance our students’ capacity to be informed citizens who are educational advocates working as leaders in their chosen careers. The minor is offered jointly between the College of Education and the Honors College as a program for Honors College students to engage in critical thought and action about education in the 21st century in terms of:

  • Fundamentals/foundational knowledge about education and K-12 schooling
  • Diversity, advocacy, service, and involvement in schools and communities; and
  • Accountability, policy, and broader economic, political, social, cultural, and philosophical contexts.

Program Specifics

The minor in educational studies is a non-certification/licensure program designed specifically for Honors College students who are interested in educational issues but who are not education majors. If you are interested or currently taking minor courses, please make sure to officially declare the “Educational Studies for Honors College” minor via myBama.

  • The minor consists of 18 hours.
  • Enrollment in each course will be limited to 20.
  • Students must maintain a 3.30 GPA in all coursework.

Course of Study

The minor consists of three required core education courses (9 hours), one capstone seminar (3 hours), one Honors Foundation (3 hours), and an advisor-approved elective course (3 hours).

  • EDU 401 The Dynamics of American Education
  • EDU 402 Diversity, Difference, and Advocacy in Education
  • EDU 403 Issues in Educational Policy: The Historical Trajectory of Education Reform
  • EDU 410 Capstone Seminar in Education
  • UH 105
  • Approved Elective (electives are approved by a committee; contact Dr. Liza Wilson)

Course Rotation

EDU 401
EDU 403

EDU 402
EDU 410

Contact Information

Dr. Liza Wilson, Senior Associate Dean & Professor, College of Education
(205) 348-6051

Dr. Jacqueline V. Morgan, Director of University Fellows Experience, Honors College
(205) 348-5574