The University of Alabama Honors College has one overarching goal: to help exceptional students reach their potential. Creating opportunities for students their first year on campus is a critical part of our mission. Honors Year One is student-directed programming that helps new students engage with their fellow students and with faculty; discover opportunities and interests; and participate in areas of service. Special events, academic opportunities, and other first year-only events address the unique needs of the newest members of the Honors College.

Because of the importance of engaging with the Honors College from the beginning of each student’s academic career, beginning with the freshman class of 2017, all Honors College students will be required to participate in an Honors Year One experience during their first year. HYO experiences engage students with fellow students and with faculty and foster deeper, more meaningful connections to Honors. Honors College classes and experiences that fulfill the HYO requirement for Fall 2017/Spring 2018 are listed below.

Fall 2017 Courses

UH100 – Honors Connections
UH100 – Freshman Seminars
UH101 – Understanding Poverty
CBH101 – Computer Based Honors
UH103 – Honors Action
UH120 – Freshman Common Book
UH155 – Freshman Humanities
UH210 – Freshman Fine Arts

Fall 2017 Programs and Experiences

Education Outreach
Honors Colloquium/Lecture Series

Spring 2018 Courses

UH100 – Honors Connection
UH120 – Freshman Common Book

Fall 2018 Programs and Experiences

Education Outreach
Honors Colloquium/Lecture Series

The Residential College allow students to have access to educational programs and extra-curricular activities exclusive to the Honors College. The Honors community includes the entire Ridgecrest community, including North, South, East, and West, which forms the center of the University’s tightly-knit Honors community. Honors Housing also includes select space within Paty Hall and Blount Hall, which offer different housing styles at different costs.

In addition to the benefits of living with other Honors College students, faculty-in-residence in each residence hall further increase the value of such an opportunity. Residential College faculty-in-residence offer unique programs, social events, and serve as informal advisors for students living in the Residential College.

Dr. George Daniels: Dr. Daniels is an associate professor and assistant dean in the College of Communication and Information Sciences. His research interests include convergence/multimedia journalism, diversity in media, and scholastic journals. Dr. Daniels received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia and has taught at UA since 2009.

Dr. Safiya George : Dr. George is an associate professor in the Capstone College of Nursing and Director of Scholarly Affairs. She obtained her Ph.D. in Nursing and a certificate in Women’s Studies from Emory University and is an board-certified adult nurse practitioner. Her current research examines the sociocultural factors that contribute to high rates of HIV in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dr. Cajetan Iheka: Dr. Iheka is an assistant professor of English. His research and teaching focus on African and Caribbean literatures and film, postcolonial studies, ecocriticism, and world literature.

Honors Scheduling Recommendations
for Incoming Freshmen

Incoming freshmen should keep the following recommendations in mind while planning for class registration during Bama Bound.

Honors works in partnership with all major academic advisors. Honors cannot clear a registration hold; however, the Honors College can help fit in Honors classes alongside the coursework suggested by a student’s major advisor. Remember, you can add or drop classes all the way through the first week of classes in August, so make sure to keep checking full courses to see if seats become available.

Honors Connection is a 1 hour transitional P/F class that is perfect for all Honors students
Common Honors Foundations: UH 101, UH 105, UH 155, UH 120, and UH 210
Common Honors Electives: Departmental Honors Courses and Honors by Contract
We recommend that students take one or two Honors classes each semester. There is no reason to take any more, but taking at least one helps in progress toward the 18 hours required to graduate with Honors.
Aim for 15-16 hours to allow yourself a drop course.

UH 210 counts as an Honors Foundation and a Fine Arts core requirement.
UH 101/UH 155 count as an Honors Foundation and a Humanities core requirement.
UH 105/IHP 105 count as an Honors Foundation and a Social Behavioral core requirement.
Departmental Honors courses count as Honors Electives and count for majors or core.

Honors by Contract will allow you to get up to 6 hours of Honors Elective credit from non-Honors 300 and 400 level classes.
Try not to fulfill a core requirement with a departmental class if you can take a UH course that fulfills the same requirement, either now or later.
Aim to finish your 6 hours of Honors Foundations in your first two years, especially if you will be entering a prescribed upper-division, like Nursing or Education.

Review DegreeWorks to see your AP credit and check your Honors Requirements.
Many UH courses with different content can be repeated, but check with Honors first.
Scheduling Freshman Learning Communities often conflicts with Honors courses.

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