The faculty and staff of the Honors College are dedicated to supporting students’ academic, personal, and professional development. Our core faculty is supported by a distinguished group of adjunct faculty from other colleges on campus, as well individuals with particular expertise from the Tuscaloosa community.

Picture of Kenneth J. Fridley

Kenneth J. Fridley

Interim Dean

Emili Alexander

Coordinator of Honors Year One and Involvement

Picture of Rob Alley

Rob Alley

(205) 348-1393

Picture of Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey
(205) 348-5522

Picture of David Bolus

David Bolus

Assistant Director, University Fellows Experience
(205) 348-5558

Picture of W. Ross Bryan

W. Ross Bryan

Assistant Dean/Associate Professor
(205) 348-5500

Picture of Sophia Chadwick

Sophia Chadwick

Office Associate II

Picture of Brandon Chalmers

Brandon Chalmers

Coordinator of Student Recruitment

Picture of Chip Cooper

Chip Cooper

(205) 348-8329

Picture of Quincy Hall

Quincy Hall
205) 348-1776

Robert Halli

Founding Dean Emeritus

Picture of Susan Haynes

Susan Haynes

Administrative Specialist
(205) 348-5506

Picture of Thomas Herwig

Thomas Herwig

(205) 348-7598

Picture of Vicki Holt

Vicki Holt

Coordinator of Educational Outreach

Picture of Erin Jett

Erin Jett

Director of Student Services
(205) 348-4587

Picture of Jacqueline Morgan

Jacqueline Morgan

Director, University Fellows Experience, Associate Professor
(205) 348-5574

Picture of Paul Phelps

Paul Phelps

(205) 348-2144

Haleigh Sandlin

Assistant Recruitment Coordinator

Picture of Shane Sharpe

Shane Sharpe

Director, Randall Research Scholars Program
(205) 348-5506

Picture of Gary Sloan

Gary Sloan

Professor (Retired) and Coordinator of Prestigious Scholarships
(205) 348-8444

Picture of Darren Surman

Darren Surman

(205) 348-5551

Picture of Kayla Warner

Kayla Warner

Communications Specialist

Picture of Robert Witt

Robert Witt

Professor and President Emeritus
(205) 348-5179

Picture of Lea Yerby

Lea Yerby
(205) 348-4693