The faculty and staff of the Honors College are dedicated to supporting students’ academic, personal, and professional development. Our core faculty is supported by a distinguished group of adjunct faculty from other colleges on campus, as well individuals with particular expertise from the Tuscaloosa community.

Picture of Shane Sharpe

Shane Sharpe

Dean and Director, Computer-Based Honors Program

(205) 348-5506

Picture of Jacqueline Morgan

Jacqueline Morgan

Associate Dean and Director, University Fellows Experience
(205) 348-5574

Picture of W. Ross Bryan

W. Ross Bryan

Assistant Dean/Associate Professor
(205) 348-5500

Picture of Rob Alley

Rob Alley

(205) 348-1393

Picture of Chip Cooper

Chip Cooper

(205) 348-8329

Betty Florey

(205) 348-5509

Picture of Thomas Herwig

Thomas Herwig

(205) 348-7598

Picture of John Latta

John Latta

(205) 348-1349

Picture of Bob McCurley

Bob McCurley

(205) 348-3512

Picture of Paul Phelps

Paul Phelps

(205) 348-2144

Picture of Gary Sloan

Gary Sloan

Professor (Retired) and Coordinator of Prestigious Scholarships
(205) 348-8444

Picture of Darren Surman

Darren Surman

(205) 348-5551

Picture of Bradley Tuggle

Bradley Tuggle

Assistant Professor
(205) 348-7052

Picture of Vicki Holt

Vicki Holt

Coordinator of Educational Outreach

Picture of Jane Batson

Jane Batson

CBHP Program Manager
(205) 348-5029

Tiffanie Bittle

Marketing and Events Specialist
(205) 348-4615

Picture of Dawn Boyd

Dawn Boyd

Budget Manager
(205) 348-0784

Picture of Alicia Browne

Alicia Browne

Director of College Relations
(205) 348-5557

Picture of Susan Dendy

Susan Dendy

Coordinator of Recruitment
(205) 348-5599

Picture of Jordan Hall

Jordan Hall

Assistant Recruitment Coordinator
(205) 348-7054

Picture of Jackson Harris

Jackson Harris

Community Development Coordinator

Picture of Susan Haynes

Susan Haynes

Administrative Specialist
(205) 348-5506

Picture of Andrew Hester

Andrew Hester

Assistant Director of Student Services
(205) 348-4587

Picture of Kiki Karatheodoris

Kiki Karatheodoris

(205) 348-5537

Picture of Luke McCann

Luke McCann

Coordinator of Student Engagement
(205) 348-6029

Picture of Amanda McRae

Amanda McRae

Coordinator of Community Outreach
(205) 348-5574

Picture of Susan Wright

Susan Wright

Program Assistant
(205) 348-5500

Picture of Davis Jackson

Davis Jackson

Coordinator of 57 Miles

David Bolus

Assistant Director, University Fellows Experience
(205) 348-5558