University Honors Program 

University Honors Program (UHP) is the most popular of the academic programs in the Honors College.  Any student admitted to the Honors College is eligible for UHP.  Students in UHP will complete a four-year academic plan that develops them into being creative and critical thinkers, ethical and empathetic citizens, and collaborative and inclusive leaders.


All UHP students are required to complete UH 100 Honors Connections (or its spring-semester equivalent UH 110) and UH 200 Life as a Scholar as prerequisites to upper level UH courses. Once these prerequisites are completed, UHP students have several options for completing the final 14 hours of the UHP curriculum. They include UH electives at the 200 and 300 level followed by a UH Capstone Experience; completion of an approved departmental Honors program; or completion of an Accelerated Masters Program.

University Honors Program Curriculum

Honors Student Learning Outcomes (PDF)

Honors Year One

Honors Action

Admission Information

Future Students 

Future Students may apply to the Honors College after they have been admitted to The University of Alabama. Learn more about admission to UA.

The requirements for admission to the Honors College are a 30 ACT or 1360 SAT and a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher. Because of our commitment to meeting the needs of students from within the state, Alabama high school graduates have another path to admission if they are within the top 5% of their class and have at least a 28 ACT or 1310 SAT and a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA.

Test-Optional Admission

We also recognize that standardized test scores may not be the best indicator of exemplary and exceptional academic promise. The Honors College offers an additional pathway to admission for students that is ACT/SAT test-optional. Students are eligible to alternatively apply to the Honors College with a 3.7 or higher cumulative GPA, two letters of recommendation, and an additional essay. Each application for test-optional admission will be reviewed by the Honors College Admissions Committee, and individual applications will be evaluated based on the strength of cumulative GPA, curriculum, essay, and letters of recommendation.

Test-Optional Essay Question

The University of Alabama’s Honors College expects you to think critically about our world.  Please describe an instance when you have critically thought about a subject and altered your original perspective. How did this challenge you? What did you learn from this process? 

500-word limit. Please upload a Word Doc or PDF in the upload section of the application. Letters of Recommendation may also be sent to

Although there is no formal deadline to apply to the Honors College, incoming freshmen should apply as soon as possible to facilitate registration for Honors Housing and Honors Orientation. All eligible students who apply after the registration deadline for a semester will be admitted for the next semester after they enroll. Applicants submitting test-optional applications should apply by March 1, 2024 for full consideration. Test-Optional applicants are welcome to apply after this date, but may be waitlisted.


Current UA Students & Transfer Students 

Current UA Students (Internal Transfers)

Current UA Students (internal transfers) may be admitted as full-time undergraduates with at least 12 earned UA hours and a minimum 3.5 UA GPA. Students will be notified of their acceptance via Crimson email. The 3.5 UA GPA requirement applies to students on the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 catalog years. Students on a 2019-2020 or older catalog are required to have a minimum of 12 earned UA hours and a 3.3 overall GPA.

Transfer Students from Outside UA (External Transfers)

Incoming Transfer students who are transferring from an institution outside of UA with at least 12 overall earned hours and a minimum 3.5 overall GPA may be accepted to the Honors College upon submission of an application. Students will be notified of their acceptance via Crimson email.

**If you are considering applying to the University Honors Program, we strongly recommend students do so before they reach the 60 earned hour mark. The University Honors Program generally takes a minimum of five (5) semesters to complete.


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