• January 30th, 2019

The University of Alabama Honors College has selected The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henríquez for its Common Book Experience in 2019/2020.

Student holding The Book of Unknown Americans

The novel chronicles the challenges facing Latin American immigrants to the United States, told through the voices of 11 individuals whose lives intertwine in Wilmington, Delaware. It is also a star-crossed love story involving two teenagers that has major repercussions for the teens’ families and friends. The novel’s stories of love, guilt, hope and dreams for a better future combine to explore what it means to be an American, while the theme of making one’s way in a new environment relates to students’ experiences when moving to campus.

The Honors Common Book is selected by a campus-wide committee composed of faculty and staff. It is read by all new freshmen in the Honors College, and it is discussed by freshmen, faculty, and upperclass mentors, within and outside of the classroom.

Sam Pritchett, a senior psychology major and Honors Year One intern, describes reading a common book as “a great way for students to read a book they might not read otherwise, that also can relate to first year students’ experiences at The University of Alabama. It allows for great discussions that can broaden students’ horizons on real issues.”

Author Henríquez will visit campus on October 8, 2019. She will deliver a public lecture on her novel, as well as interacting with students in other smaller settings.

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