The faculty and staff of the Honors College are dedicated to supporting students’ academic, personal and professional development.┬áIn addition to our full-time Honors College faculty, we work with experts from across and beyond campus to teach Honors courses in their areas of specialty.

Robert Halli

Founding Dean Emeritus

Picture of Luoheng Han

Luoheng Han

Interim Dean
(205) 348-5506

Picture of Jessica Aguilar

Jessica Aguilar


Picture of Rob Alley

Rob Alley

Assistant Professor

Picture of Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey

Assistant Professor

Picture of Jane Batson

Jane Batson

RRSP Program Manager
(205) 348-5029

Picture of David Bolus

David Bolus

Assistant Director, University Fellows Experience
(205) 348-5558

Picture of W. Ross Bryan

W. Ross Bryan

Associate Professor, Associate Dean
(205) 348-5500

Picture of Brandon Chalmers

Brandon Chalmers

Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Picture of Anne Druhl

Anne Druhl

Event Coordinator

Picture of Jeff Gray

Jeff Gray

Director of Randall Research Scholars Program

Picture of Kati Hardemon

Kati Hardemon

Executive Secretary

Picture of Thomas Herwig

Thomas Herwig

Assistant Professor
(205) 348-7598

Picture of Vicki Holt

Vicki Holt

Coordinator of Educational Outreach

Picture of Cory Jones

Cory Jones

Academic Advisor I

Picture of Anne Franklin Lamar

Anne Franklin Lamar

Assistant Professor, Director of Honors Year One

Picture of John Latta

John Latta

Assistant Professor, Director of International Honors Education
(205) 348-1349

Picture of Alan Lazer

Alan Lazer

Assistant Professor
(205) 348-3887

Picture of Carmen Mayer

Carmen Mayer

Director of External Scholarships and Fellowships

Picture of Brooke McCorkle

Brooke McCorkle

Assistant Recruitment Coordinator

Picture of Tara Mock

Tara Mock

Assistant Professor
(205) 348-1393

Picture of Kelly Nielsen

Kelly Nielsen


Picture of Nancy Norwood

Nancy Norwood

Director of College Relations

Picture of Katie O’Harra

Katie O’Harra

Assistant Professor

Picture of Dana Patton

Dana Patton

Director of the University Fellows Experience
(205) 348-4911

Picture of Amy Pirkle

Amy Pirkle

Assistant Professor

Shannon Roulaine

Accounting Assistant
(205) 348-5534

Picture of Tyler Sasser

Tyler Sasser

Assistant Professor
(205) 348-5173

Picture of Cassander Smith

Cassander Smith

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Picture of Darren Surman

Darren Surman

Assistant Professor
(205) 348-5551

Picture of Valerie Tisdale

Valerie Tisdale

Director of Student Services

Picture of Bradley Tuggle

Bradley Tuggle

Associate Professor, Director of University Honors Program
(205) 348-7052

Picture of Brandon Wingler

Brandon Wingler

Academic Advisor II

Picture of Robert Witt

Robert Witt

Professor and President Emeritus
(205) 348-5179