The mission of Education Outreach is to develop awareness of educational inequities, meet the needs of the community, and foster a culture of expanded educational opportunities. Education Outreach serves the community through multiple student-run mentoring programs.  These programs allow honors students to work in the local schools and serve as valuable mentors for the students of Tuscaloosa.  Through STEM, literacy, and character education programs, the office of Education Outreach has created a connection between the Honors College and the local community that has proven to benefit both the college students and the students of local schools. BRIGHT serves our local preschool population, READ serves in local elementary schools, and DREAM serves various local middle schools.  All of these programs have been a driving force in helping students understand both the world of education and their own role in community involvement and support.

Spring 2019 Engage Tuscaloosa UH 105/101 Service Learning Classes

BRIGHT: UH 105 Honors Mentoring: Preschool – Explore STEM concepts through literature and experiences for preschool and kindergarten children. Small groups go to a classroom and read a book to the class and then break into groups to conduct activities related to the book.

READ: UH 105 Honors Mentoring: Elementary Reading , UH 101 Citizenship: Service Learning – Read aloud to elementary students and have fun with books. Mentors are paired with one or two students and read books to the children, followed by discussion and completion of “think” sheets.

DREAM: UH 105 Honors Mentoring: Middle and High School , UH 101 Survey: Social Change, UH 101: Education and Advocacy – Mentor middle schoolers to instill scholastic competence. Mentors are paired with one or two students, and lessons are provided to guide students in discussion and hands-on activities to explore skills and competencies necessary for success in school.

Book Buddies: UH 105 Reading Buddies Community Involvement – Work with a struggling reader to improve reading skills. Mentors are matched with a struggling 2nd grader and provided a prepared lesson and materials specifically designed for the needs of each student.

Other UH Service Learning Classes

UH 105 Honors Mentoring: Academic Mentoring – Work with students at Hillcrest High School on ACT prep and preparation for continued education post graduation.

UH 105 EXCEL Peer Mentoring – Sophomore and Juniors only. Take the 3 hour class in the spring and then take the 1 hour UH 405 follow-up course the following fall for the service learning component. Mentors will be paired with one or two UA freshmen to help them adjust to college life.

UH 105 Rural Poverty and Education – Mentor students at Brookwood Elementary School through at play, discussion, and friendship model.

UH 105 Failure is not an Option – Work with students at Holt High School for the Special Olympic Games.

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