On February 2, 2024, The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees approved the renaming of the University Fellows Experience to the Dr. Robert E. Witt University Fellows Program. Read more about the renaming here.

Leader. Scholar. Citizen.

The Dr. Robert E. Witt University Fellows Program is a community of elite scholars from diverse disciplines who share a similar passion to become change agents through commitment to leadership and service.

Following the classical purpose of education, the production of good citizens, the Witt University Fellows Program strives to prepare the most able and dedicated students at The University of Alabama for remarkable lives of leadership in and service to their community, state, nation and world.

Defining Qualities of a Witt Fellow

  • Intellectual curiosity and sophisticated intellectual engagement
  • Collaboration with others on significant contributions in a variety of fields
  • Passion for being a leader, committed to making positive contributions to society
  • Initiative, creativity, depth of character, exceptional potential
  • Demonstrated leadership throughout high school career
  • Continued development of leadership qualities in college career through active involvement

Witt University Fellows Program Chief Components

  • Mentoring by top University of Alabama faculty members
  • Team-built atmosphere of support and stimulation
  • Interaction with cutting-edge experts in all fields
  • Engagement in important cultural, social and scientific enterprises
  • Service to the community, including an ongoing initiative in Alabama’s Black Belt
  • Professional internships in the area of each student’s interest
  • In-home dinner discussions with faculty, staff and community leaders
  • Fellows-specific seminar courses
  • Senior Symposium
  • Assistance in applying for jobs, prestige scholarships and graduate/professional schools
  • Guidance in creating a portfolio preparing students for substantial experience post-graduation
  • Cultural immersion, including annual domestic excursions and an international excursion

The Witt University Fellows Program seeks students with a true passion for service and leadership. Those selected will pursue knowledge and action in the classroom, on the campus, in the community and in the world. Mentored by top professors, supported by their Witt University Fellows Program peers, and stimulated by world-class experts in many disciplines, Witt Fellows will enjoy the richest of college educations, create enduring personal cultures of learning and embrace service to others as a guiding priority.