• April 17th, 2023

April 2023 Honors College Student of the Month

Luke T. Bequette

Home College: Culverhouse College of Business

Major: Finance

Hometown: Defiance, MO

Honors College Involvement: University Honors Program

As a freshman in the honors college, I made sure that the Honors College was a big part of my life at UA. I attend University Honors activities such as the Honors Convocation and a few other Honors activities in the Honors Hall. More importantly, I am learning how to become a true scholar through my UH 100 class. I am actively learning how to be a critical and creative thinker as well as be a good citizen. By being a good citizen and making critical decisions, we gain social capital. I have learned that by networking, taking the first step and taking initiative are great ways to increase your overall social capital. I want to be one who belongs to a group at UA rather than just fit in, as we are learning in our UH class. Students who believe they fit in well do well in school. I am in love with UH 100 because we talk about these real these real world skills that will overall make us a better person and help us to succeed in life, which is a goal of the Honors college.

University and Community Involvement:

While I am only a freshman, I have been active 24/7, planning my complex schedule where I can do all the stuff I love, while giving myself time to relax and recharge. I am in the Insurance Society, Tennis Club, Racquetball Club, Roundnet Club, and the Table Tennis Club. I am also currently pledging Beta Upsilon Chi, the Christian Fraternity on campus where they have poured a lot into me thus making me a better person just like the Honors College. I have found that you need to be poured into in order to pour out to other people. Additionally, I have spent a lot of time preparing myself for the Career Fair and going to many career events to better prepare myself for a future internship. While I am still a freshman, I have attended multiple group events and have had two 1-on-1 meetings with a Culverhouse Career Advisor to discuss my future. All of the Culverhouse Advisors know me by name. I also have been meeting with my advisor to talk about my future plans and studying abroad. I displayed assertiveness and a desire to succeed by personally going to the Culverhouse Registrar in late September and explaining how I was struggling with a certain teaching style, and successfully switching a couple classes so that I can succeed. I have attended a few employee events such as mixers, mock career fairs and info sessions with companies such as Truist. I was the only person who attended their information session, and they were extremely impressed that I, as a freshman, was this proactive in figuring out what I want to do. I am also in a small group for my church that I am actively involved in.

Why Honors?

Why not Honors? It would be foolish not to do Honors in my opinion. Honors has provided me with so many different resources and help that I will take advantage of in order to succeed. Most of us have the desire to succeed, and more importantly, to find their role in life. Whether I become an actuary with my actuarial science minor, or a financial advisor, I know that I can always go to the Honors College to help. They value their students and make sure they are accessible. With the Honors College building being open 24/7, I always have a place to quietly study at. Being in the Honors College, I am with like-minded people who want to make the world a better place. By being in the Honors College, that shows you are determined and are a scholar. Those are the people who I want to be around to shape me. It is a group that I can relate to and fall back on. The Honors College also loves their students for who they are as a person. Whether it is by encouraging group hangouts in my UH class or offering block seating at the football game, the Honors College is genuinely concerned with my well-being.

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