• October 5th, 2023

For Honors student Sammy Geraci, the community of excellence in Honors is vital.


“Here at the University of Alabama,” Geraci wrote, “the Honors College has provided me a place to thrive and grow. So many of my closest friends are people I met through Blount and Randall. It’s really humbling to be around such great students, and I’m always in awe of what I see them accomplish.”


Geraci is not only a research assistant at The Interactive Decision Experiment (TIDE) Lab, a UA Recruitment team member and a UA Active Minds member, but he’s also president of the Honors College Ambassadors.


“As president of the Honors College Ambassadors,” Geraci wrote, “I’ve learned so much about leadership and communication and had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful prospective students and families to discuss the great opportunities available here in Honors. The Honors College Ambassadors are such a strong community, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this organization.”


Additionally, Geraci serves on the Honors College Assembly. “…my experience as Director of Academic Engagement and Scholarship has further enabled me to serve the Honors community by working with a wonderful committee to organize events for HCA,” Geraci wrote. “Witnessing students benefit from events like our recent Faculty Research panel affirms the value of HCA to our Honors community.”


In addition to Geraci’s peers and involvement, Honors faculty have impacted his UA experience for the better.

“From Dr. Gray’s notorious dad-jokes and sincere words of encouragement to Dr. Kelleher’s thought-provoking class discussion questions and hilarious one-liners,” Geraci wrote, “I know I wouldn’t be the scholar I am today without the outstanding people who have helped get me get here.”


Geraci expressed gratitude for what Honors has to offer. “From Big Ideas to the UA in Oxford Honors affiliated study abroad, the Honors College has supported me in whatever I do,” Geraci wrote. “I’m so grateful for the Honors College and excited to share these opportunities with others.”

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