• August 9th, 2019

UA Honors College Freshmen Strive to Help Others in Alabama Action


Editor’s and Producer’s Note: The media are invited to visit either Matthews or Crestmont schools from 9 to 11 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 15, to observe Honors College students working. For more information and for information regarding Outdoor Action, contact Richard LeComte at 205-394-3040.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Entering freshmen in The University of Alabama’s Honors College will strive to contribute to the Tuscaloosa community through service Monday, Aug. 12, to Friday, Aug. 16, as part of the Alabama Action, Outdoor Action and Health Action programs.

About 161 freshmen students and 36 upperclassmen student leaders will tackle projects at Matthews and Crestmont elementary schools in Northport. At both schools, students will clean up landscaping, paint murals and update outdoor classrooms, among other projects.

In addition, for Outdoor Action, about 76 freshmen and 20 student leaders will work with community partners at Lake Lurleen State Park, Van de Graaf Park, Payne Lake, Alabama Museum of Natural History and Hurricane Creek.

About 25 students will participate in Health Action, a service-learning program focused on addressing health disparities. Partners include the West Alabama Food Bank and Schoolyard Roots.

Incoming Honors College freshmen can participate in one of three Honors service-learning program. Participants arrive on campus before their peers and devote the week before the fall semester to service projects in west Alabama. Current Honors College students serve as student leaders and directors, and staff members serve as advisers

Source: https://www.ua.edu/news/2019/08/ua-honors-college-freshmen-strive-to-help-others-in-alabama-action/

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