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General Questions

Go to UA’s Education Abroad website ( for a thorough introduction and to find answers to most of your questions about the how, when, where and why of studying abroad.

Education Abroad holds workshops and advising each semester.

  • The Study Abroad 101 session is daily (M-F) at 2pm in 144 BB Comer. This gives students the basic information.
  • There are workshops held on Wednesday to help students begin the financial preparations to go abroad or to explore the online course equivalencies.

*Be sure to touch base with your home college advisor. You’ll want to let them know of your plans to study abroad as they may impact your major/minor/core requirements.

Dr. Henry John Latta ( in your contact for Honors study abroad classes.

Yes. If you choose one of the Honors College programs: New Zealand, Germany, England (Oxford University), Scotland or Ghana you earn UHP credits. You can travel with other departmental programs, earning their credits. Check with your major advisor to find the best credit fit for your path to graduation.

Summer. In May, June or July.


ENGLAND (Oxford University). Dr. Cassander Smith (

GERMANY. Dr. Thomas Herwig (

GHANA. Dr Tara Mock (

NEW ZEALAND. Dr. Henry John Latta (

SCOTLAND. Dr. Henry John Latta (

No. You can register generally in early Fall semester via the UA Education Abroad website, and then you will be moved into your first-choice trip once that class opens. You can withdraw. As the process goes on refund policies can change so ALWAYS review, and understand, payment deadlines and refund policies through the UA Education Abroad website before you make your required deposit and payments.

Check with your advisor in your major first and make sure your planning is well thought through. If you wish to confirm how Honors Education Abroad courses will fulfill Honors College requirements, please make an appointment with an Honors College advisor.

You can go with other programs run by other departments, perhaps in your major – you will earn their credit, but maybe that’s the best fit for you. As always, check with your primary advisor. You can find those classes at UA’s Education Abroad website or through your department chair’s office.

No. Go where you heart wants you to go. Ask Honors faculty directors about their individual programs for details of what will be studied for the credit.

You can apply now. Go to the UA Education Abroad website and register. As an early joiner you can register generally and once your first choice of country/program opens you will automatically be moved into that class. Early registering allows UA to do its paperwork while the actual class is being formed. If you register later, it the semester and the class has been set up you can register directly for that class through that UA Education Abroad website

Financial Questions

Students should check with the UA Scholarships Office as well as the UA Education Abroad Office regarding use of scholarships.

The UA Education Abroad Office offers scholarships and grants to students going abroad each semester. The Honors College has partnered with Education Abroad, so by completing the Education Abroad Grant by March 15th, you will be considered for both Education Abroad funding and Honors College scholarships (as long as you are in good standing within the Honors College).

Click here to learn more.

Yes, please check out the Education Abroad website for financial information, attend an Education Abroad workshop and talk with an Education Abroad advisor.

They vary from program to program, check with the Honors College faculty program director and/or UA’s Education Abroad. Costs may be determined after you register, but you can change your mind with no cost if you withdraw in time and that means knowing deadlines and that comes from the UA Education Abroad website or the registration form for particular classes.

Safety Questions

We do everything we can to ensure the maximum degree of safety. Every day has its risks, here or in other countries, but every step, every precaution, every consideration, every preparation we can take is in place. And there is a comprehensive plan in place to deal rapidly with problems in other countries.

The UA Education Abroad website will have the latest information and advice from UA and from places like the US State Department.