Intercultural experiences engage us in an exploration of cultural values and mindsets. These experiences may take place anywhere – in a residence hall, in downtown Tuscaloosa, in a multicultural office environment, on a service-learning trip, on a cultural immersion trip, or in a coffee shop on campus. We are all unique human beings and we each come with our own cultural identity. Wherever we have the ability to explore our connections or our differences with one another, we have opportunities to engage with others “across cultures.”

With rapidly changing technology and increased access to more local, regional, and international communities, intercultural encounters have now become commonplace in a global society, and they are increasingly important in preparing students to operate effectively as professionals. It is our wish that you will take advantage of the many opportunities and resources available to you during your time at The University of Alabama, including education abroad opportunities available only to Honors students! We are confident that you will leave here better equipped to operate as global citizens in a multicultural world.

For more information about all study abroad opportunities at UA, visit the Education Abroad website.

News of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused concern worldwide. Our students’ safety and health is a top priority, both domestically and abroad. The link below contains information regarding answers to FAQs and The University of Alabama’s official response.

Coronavirus & UA Education Abroad: FAQS


Travel Dates: May Interim
Apply:  Visit the Education Abroad website for more information.
Contact: Dr. Thomas Herwig,

This three-week program is a cooperation between the Honors College and the Business School. The trip will take you throughout Germany and into parts of France as you explore global perspectives with the goal to gain a more complex intercultural understanding of the world.

Information Sessions: Please note that information sessions are not necessary for attendance, but a time to have specific questions answered.

Dates: May Interim
Apply:  Visit the Education Abroad website for more information.
Contact: Dr. Henry John Latta,

Honors students will engage in a course to understand New Zealand’s successful blending of European, Maori, Pacific Island, and immigrant cultures. This course is a three-week immersion experience that will focus on intercultural dynamics and how multiculturalism in New Zealand continues to play a strong role in how policies, culture, and government evolve.

Apply: Apply through Education Abroad at If the specific program application is not yet open, please apply through the Faculty-Led General Application.

Dates: May Interim
Apply: Visit the Education Abroad website for more information.
Contact: Dr. Glenn Tootle,

This program takes you to Venice, Italy, Innsbruck, Austria, and Munich, Germany. The course will focus on four topics unique to the region:  Giacomo Casanova, Ötzi the Iceman, Tirol, and King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Dates: Summer II
Apply:  Visit the Education Abroad website for more information.
Contact: Dr. Cassander Smith,

The UA@Oxford program offers students an immersive academic experience with courses in Honors and the disciplines of English and History. Housed in beautiful Worcester College, one of the university’s primary constituent colleges, students can take full advantage of the Oxford experience.