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Dr. Mock Takes the Mic

December 17th, 2020

In the fall of 2020, Tara Mock became the newest addition to The University of Alabama as a new Assistant Professor in the Honors College. “How are our images of nations such as Africa and China distorted by social constructs stemming from unrealistic preconceptions? What role does one’s race and origin play in the creation of these constructs?” These questions, among many others, guided Mock towards uncovering the complex concept of what she calls “manufacturing sameness,” which serves as the backbone of her upcoming novel as well as much of her course curriculum.

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Honors Student Wins Marshall Scholarship

December 7th, 2020

Caroline Yuk, a senior from Crystal Lake, Illinois, is the third UA student to win the award and first in more than 40 years. The scholarship provides aid to American students to study at graduate-level U.K. institutions in any field of study. Yuk, an interdisciplinary studies major in UA’s New College and a member of the Honors College, will pursue postgraduate degrees in neuroscience at the University of Oxford and audiology science at University College London. “Earning the Marshall Scholarship means the absolute world to me,” said Yuk. “It’s the greatest validation that I’m living in such a way that gives back to all who have helped me along the way, including my parents, siblings, friends and mentors.”

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Recruitment and Admissions’s Fall 2020 DEI Initiatives

December 1st, 2020

The University of Alabama Honors College is dedicated to making our community of scholars an even more diverse, inclusive and equitable place to learn. This mission is not one that the Honors College faculty and staff take lightly. It requires a concerted effort from each team, department and program within Honors. The initiatives of the Honors College Recruitment and Admissions team are the first step in fulfilling this important mission. The goals of Recruitment and Admissions are to revise admission procedures within the college, to partner with campus organizations and community groups to recruit current students and to expand the college’s partnership with Capstone International.

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Ultramarathons and Ideas Worth Spreading

December 1st, 2020

Nick Hayes is an Honors student who exemplifies what it means to be a learned scholar—a critical and creative thinker, an ethical and empathetic citizen and a collaborative and inclusive leader. Hayes planned to organize an ultramarathon fundraiser for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF). But, like many aspects of our lives that we took for granted, Nick’s philanthropic plans changed with the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic—no ultramarathon

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The Making of Nineteen Fifty-Six: A Q&A with Tionna Taite

October 9th, 2020

At the helm of Nineteen Fifty-Six, the new UA magazine that focuses on celebrating Black excellence, culture and students, Editor-In-Chief Tionna Taite sits poised to enact change. After working closely with the Office of Student Media, the sophomore news media major is prepared to create a magazine that will “educate students from all backgrounds on culturally-important issues and topics,” and give a voice to underrepresented students. Taite also serves as the Social Media Editor for Mosaic, the Honors College’s student-run magazine.

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Blog Post: Honors Action 2020

September 30th, 2020

For years, cohorts of Honors College freshmen have started their undergraduate careers by giving back to the greater Tuscaloosa community through Honors Action. And this year, despite COVID-19 and social distancing, another cohort of Honors College freshmen spent a week at Maxwell, Myrtlewood and Flatwoods Elementary schools.

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Honors College Announces 2020/2021 Common Book

July 7th, 2020

The University of Alabama Honors College has selected The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row by
Anthony Ray Hinton for its Common Book Experience in 2020/2021. The Honors Common Book is selected by a campus-wide committee composed of faculty and staff. It is read by all new freshmen in the Honors College, and it is discussed by freshmen, faculty, and upperclass mentors, within and outside of the classroom.

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Six Honors Students Win Fulbright Awards

May 26th, 2020

Six University of Alabama Honors College alumna have won Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Awards for the 2020–2021 academic year. The Fulbright Program is the most prestigious U.S. international exchange program, offering opportunities for students, scholars and professionals. The Fulbright Award of the U.S. Department of State offers one-year grants for independent study and research, and for English teaching assistantships overseas.

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