Fulfilling the Mission and Supporting the Community of Scholars

The Honors College fulfills its mission through Creative and Innovative Scholarship, which also supports the ideal of an engaged community of scholars.  Creative and Innovative Scholarship is the cornerstone to the Honors College Faculty and Student Experience, and it is supported through the following three primary modes of learning:

Mentored Research

Honors education is about understanding the world in which we live, recognizing and solving problems, and improving lives.  In the Honors College, research opportunities provide students with an environment that supports and encourages academic rigor.  Some students partner with faculty in research projects, others begin working towards a graduate degree while still an undergraduate.


Civic Engagement

Honors education should expand students’ minds—and their understanding of the world.  Curiosity encourages understanding, empathy, compassion, collaboration, and engagement.  Wherever we have the ability to explore our connections or our differences with one another, we have opportunities to engage with others across contexts.  Students will find many opportunities to engage with others, and with the community, within multiple experiences and contexts.

Engaged Scholarship

 We believe the result of honors education changes lives—our students’ and those of people in the world around us.  There are ample opportunities for students to serve their communities right now.  Honors education will push students to “test drive” ideas so that they will develop their own perspective of the intellectual/experiential material they are exposed to, both in and out of the classroom.