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General Questions

Generally, our students say that Honors classes are not necessarily more difficult, but more engaging and emphasize student-motivated learning. We encourage students to take departmental honors courses in their areas of strength. At the same time, taking Honors courses can demonstrate an eagerness and initiative that is impressive to graduate and professional schools.

The Honors College works together with the academic colleges to provide an environment where students can find their place, become engaged, and ultimately leave their mark at UA and the greater community.

The Honors College is home to an engaged and diverse community of transdisciplinary scholars, transcending the boundaries of disciplinary perspectives for a holistic approach to solving the very complex issues we face today and will face tomorrow.

Through the Honors College students will have access to smaller and unique class options, a dedicated Honors residential community, seven signature and thematic programs, faculty-led study abroad experiences, and a dedicated Honors College Faculty, Staff, and Advisors.

Students enrolled in The University of Alabama Honors College choose their majors just like any other student on campus. In fact, our students represent most every major on campus, from engineering to fashion design. There are no specific “Honors” majors since Honors College is an enhancement to your educational experience.

All Honors College students must maintain a 3.5* GPA to graduate from their respective programs. Your transcript will indicate an Honors designation upon successful completion of the Honors College requirements, which includes at least 18 hours of Honors courses. You will also receive an Honors cord and an Honors certificate of completion in addition to your diploma.

Honors College is an enhancement to your academic experience at The University of Alabama.

* Students with a 2019 catalog year or earlier must maintain a 3.3 overall GPA. 3.5 UA GPA for students on a 2020 catalog year forward.

Make sure to check out the Honors College Requirements for more specific requirements. 

For education abroad opportunities led by faculty members in the Honors College, visit the Honors Abroad page. For additional education abroad opportunities outside of the Honors College, visit the Education Abroad Office.

Incoming first-year and transfer students will register at their Bama Bound orientation session. Current UA students will register according to the registration dates and times published by the Office of the University Registrar.
Summer and Fall registration usually opens in March while Spring registration normally opens in October.

Academics Questions

No. Honors College courses factor into a student’s GPA as would any non-Honors course. For more information about GPAs, please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

Departmental honors courses are offered through the department and college in which the course is based (for example, the Biology Department in The College of Arts and Sciences). Departmental honors courses are on average smaller in enrollment than their non-Honors counterparts, will be limited to only Honors students, and will feature top-flight faculty members. Honors students may opt to take any departmental honors courses, but are not required to take the Honors sections of courses. Departmental honors courses count as Honors Elective credit.

The Honors College graduation application is free, takes about a minute to complete, and may be found under the Academics tab of your myBama account (within the “Honors College” block).
Please check out the Commencement website for information about the UA graduation application and commencement programs each semester.

The Honors College graduation application is open during these timeframes:
o Students graduating in May – January through May.
o Students graduating in August – May through August.
o Students graduating in December – August through December.

Watch the Honors College newsletter and social media for detailed information and reminders about when and how to apply for Honors College graduation!

A student may graduate with both Latin honors and Honors College designation, but a student does NOT have to be in the Honors College in order to receive a Latin honors designation. Students do not complete an application in order to graduate with Latin honors designation.

For full details about Latin honors visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

We do not accept any transfer credits towards the Honors College requirements.

The Honors College does not give capacity overrides for Honors classes that are full. We also do not have wait lists associated with “UH” courses. We encourage students to diligently check the course each day to see if any open spots become available. And remember, you have until the last day of “add/drop” each semester to finalize your course schedule.

Admissions Questions

You may apply any time after receiving admittance to The University of Alabama. However, it is recommended to apply as soon as you’ve been accepted to UA due to other deadlines for housing, etc.

If a counselor will not release the letter of recommendation to students to upload, the counselor needs to email it directly to If the student is able, they can upload while applying.

Typically applications are evaluated every 8-10 business days. We will notify you first via your Crimson E-mail account and you will receive a physical letter in the mail.

Entering freshmen with composite ACT scores of at least 30 or composite SAT scores of at least 1360 and at least a 3.5 high school GPA are invited to apply to the Honors College. For in-state students with a 28 ACT or SAT equivalent (or higher) and are in the top 5% of their high school class, they may be admitted with a counselor letter of recommendation.

Upon receipt of their Honors College freshmen applications, all National Merit Finalists and National Hispanic Recognition Scholars are admitted automatically (but they must submit the Honors application). Students will be notified of their acceptance by e-mail.

Admission to the Randall Research Scholars Program and the University Fellows Experience is a more involved admissions process reserved for incoming freshmen.

Yes! Current UA students with a minimum overall 3.5 GPA and at least 12 hours of UA coursework will be accepted into the Honors College upon submission of an application. All students who apply with greater than 25 hours are required to draft a plan to finish all honors coursework prior to admission. Students will be notified of their acceptance by email.

You can schedule an in-depth visit to the Honors College by filling out our “Schedule a Visit” request form here: With at least two weeks’ notice, we will arrange visits across campus that match your interests in addition to an Honors College information session.

Please submit an academic resume detailing any honors or advanced classes taken, extracurricular involvement, leadership positions, community service, or other activities that you are involved in. This can be in a very basic resume format.

Yes, you must be admitted to The University of Alabama before applying to the Honors College.

Yes, the Honors College has rolling admissions. If you are an enrolled UA student and meet the requirements, we encourage you to apply to the Honors College.

We do not currently offer any scholarships for incoming freshman through the Honors College, however all Honors College students are eligible for Merit based scholarships through Undergraduate Admissions.

Advising Questions

No. Though we strongly recommend taking an Honors course each semester, it is not required.

We generally recommend taking no more than two (2) honors level courses per semester. However, you know yourself and your capabilities best so just make sure you find a balance.

Definitely! Reach out to us via phone, 205-348-5500 or email to schedule an advising appointment.

No. Advising for your major and minor will be done by an advisor in your home college.

Erin Jett ( and Brandon Wingler (

There are three options to make an appointment to see your Honors College advisor:

  • Visit the Honors College Student Services on the second floor of Honors Hall,
  • Email,
  • Call 205-348-5500.

Regardless of how you decide to make an appointment, you will need to provide the following information:

  • first and last name,
  • CWID,
  • phone number,
  • why you are requesting an appointment,
  •  your availability.

Providing this information helps us prepare for our meeting. If you send an email appointment request, please allow up to two business days for a response.

Please note we do not have same day advising appointments or walk-ins available at this time.

Advisors play an active role in helping students reach their personal, professional, and academic goals. We help students define their goals, assist with class selection, ensure all Honors College requirements are being met and appropriate progress is being made, help interpret policies and procedures, and connect you with campus resources. Making regular appointments throughout your academic career in the Honors College will maximize your advising experience.

No, Honors advising is not mandatory every semester.  However, your Honors College advisor is here to help you whenever you need it. You can make an appointment to see us each semester before class registration to talk about honors requirements or to ask us questions throughout the semester about classes, resources, and ways to get plugged in to the Honors College. We are here to help all year long so come and see us.

Honors College advisors are available to meet throughout the academic year. If you are preparing for upcoming class registration, we recommend meeting with your home college major advisor first. Then, come meet with an Honors College advisor to discuss the Honors portion of your plan of study.

While our advisors can provide some general professional guidance, the best resource to utilize is the Career Center. You can contact the Career Center by emailing, calling 205-348-5848, or by stopping by their office located at 3400 Ferguson Student Center.

DegreeWorks is The University of Alabama’s degree audit system, and you will use it throughout your entire undergraduate career. The Office of the University Registrar has a page with tutorials and FAQs regarding Degree Works, here.

Schedule Builder is a fantastic registration tool. For more information on Schedule Builder, check out the How to Use Schedule Builder Reference Guide video.

Classification Qualification

  • Freshman: 0 – 30 hours
  • Sophomore: 31 – 60 hours
  • Junior: 61 – 90 hours
  • Senior: 91+ hours
  • Post-graduate: any student who has completed an undergraduate degree and is taking courses towards another undergraduate degree or as a non-degree seeking student.

You can check your classification by looking in Degree Works and finding your “Classification” on the left-hand side.

You can drop a class without a grade of “W” (withdrawal) during the first week of classes.
Before dropping a class, we strongly encourage you to speak to your home college major advisor. If, after meeting with your advisor, you feel dropping a course is the best option, follow these steps:

  1. Go to myBama.
  2. Click the “Add/Drop Classes” link on the Student tab.
  3. Click on “Drop/Delete” from the dropdown menu next to the class you intend to drop.
  4. Click “Submit.”

A grade of “W” will be issued for the dropped course if dropped within the first ten (10) weeks of the semester. After the first 10 weeks, you may NOT withdraw from a course. Please contact your home college major advisor for assistance.

In the Honors College, a student is considered to be in “good standing” if they maintain an overall GPA of 3.5* or higher. Students who remain in the Honors College below a 3.5* overall GPA are not considered to be in good standing and may be placed on Honors College probation and/or suspension. Students who are suspended from the Honors College may be reinstated by contacting the Honors College after their overall GPA increases to at least a 3.5*.

*Students with a 2019 catalog year or earlier must maintain a 3.3 overall GPA. 3.5 UA GPA for students on a 2020 catalog year forward.

Please be aware that The University of Alabama’s academic standing policy differs from that of the Honors College.

Please check out the Honors College Scholarships page of our website for the most up to date information. The Honors College Tuition Support application is due March 1 each year, and students may access this application by going to myBama > Academics tab > Honors College block.

Students must be in good standing within the Honors College (3.5* overall GPA or higher) in order to apply for Honors College scholarships.

*Students with a 2019 catalog year or earlier must maintain a 3.3 overall GPA. 3.5 UA GPA for students on a 2020 catalog year forward.

Should you encounter any “UH” course registration issues or concerns, please reach out to us at Be sure to include your name, CWID, and a clear description of your issue. An Honors College advisor will get back in touch with you, via your Crimson email address, within 48 hours.

If you are thinking about withdrawing from the Honors College, we encourage you to consider meeting with an Honors College advisor first.

If you are certain you want to withdraw from the Honors College, email with your full name, CWID, and a statement requesting withdrawal.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment Monday – Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.  and 1:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. with an Honors College advisor.

Yes! The Accelerated Master’s Program will allow you to earn graduate level credit while you are still an undergraduate, and this credit will also apply to your Honors requirements. We encourage highly motivated students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree at The University of Alabama to consider the Accelerated Master’s Program.

Bama Bound Questions

You will meet with an advisor from the college of your home major. And, we encourage you to chat with an Honors College advisor during Bama Bound information sessions!

No. The Honors College does not allow AP/IB/CLEP or transfer work to count toward Honors College credit requirements.

No, there is not. The content will be the same in each Bama Bound session and representatives of the Honors College will be available at morning information sessions. Seats in Honors classes are opened throughout the summer, so you will not miss out on getting into Honors classes if you attend a session later in the summer.

Housing Questions

Students in the Honors College live in residence halls across campus and make their selections based on location, cost, roommate choice, etc. Housing selection is based on date of housing application, so students who really wish to choose their own housing and have the most choices should apply as soon as possible, after being admitted to UA. Students who apply for housing after February 1 will be assigned by Housing and Residential Communities. For more information, visit the HRC website.

Living in Honors housing is an option, not a requirement.

Non-Honors students are not able to live in Honors housing, nor can they be invited by Honors students.

Programs Questions

As a member of The University of Alabama Honors College, you are a member of our Assembly. The Honors College Assembly provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in the non-academic programming of the Honors College. Have an idea for a service project or learning opportunity for our students? Partner with the Honors College Assembly and find out how to make it work!