What are the qualifications for being admitted to the Honors College?

Entering freshmen with composite ACT scores of at least 30 or composite SAT scores of at least 1360 and at least a 3.5 high school GPA are invited to apply to the Honors College.  Upon receipt of their Honors College freshmen applications, all National Merit Finalists and National Achievement Finalists are admitted automatically (but they must submit the Honors application). Students will be notified of their acceptance by e-mail. Admission to the Randall Research Scholars Program and the University Fellows Experience is a more involved admissions process reserved for incoming freshmen.

What if I don’t qualify for the Honors College right now? Can I be admitted later?

Yes! Current UA students with a minimum overall 3.3 GPA and at least 12 hours of UA coursework will be accepted into the Honors College upon submission of an application. All students who apply with greater than 25 hours are required to draft a plan to finish all honors coursework prior to admission. Students will be notified of their acceptance by email.

Is there an Honors session of Bama Bound?

No, there is not. The content will be the same in each Bama Bound session and representatives of the Honors College will be available at morning information sessions. Seats in Honors classes are opened throughout the summer, so you will not miss out on getting into Honors classes if you attend a session later in the summer.

I expect that Honors classes might be more demanding. If I’m trying to maintain a competitive GPA for entrance into my future graduate or professional career, should I take an Honors class?

Generally, our students say that the Honors classes are not necessarily more difficult, but more engaging and emphasize student-motivated learning. We encourage students to take departmental Honors courses in their areas of strength. At the same time, taking Honors courses can demonstrate an eagerness and initiative that is impressive to graduate and professional schools.


My department lists some classes as “Honors.” What does that mean?

Departmental Honors courses are offered through the department and college in which the course is based (for example, the Biology Department in The College of Arts and Sciences).
Departmental honors courses are on average smaller in enrollment than their non-Honors counterparts, will be limited to only Honors students, and will feature top-flight faculty members.
Honors students may opt to take any departmental honors courses, but are not required to take the Honors sections of courses should they decide not to. Departmental Honors courses count as Honors Elective credit.

If I do not complete the Honors College requirements, does that count against me?

We hope that all students will be able to graduate with Honors. We are eager to work with you make that a reality. However, if you are unable to complete a program, it will not count against you.

Do I have to be admitted into the Honors College to take UH-designated courses?

Yes, you do.

How do I choose a major in Honors College?

Students enrolled in The University of Alabama Honors College choose their majors just like any other student on campus. In fact, our students represent most every major on campus, from engineering to fashion design. There are no specific “Honors” majors since Honors College is an enhancement to your educational experience.

How do I complete the graduation requirements of the Honors College?

All Honors College students must maintain a 3.3 GPA to graduate from their respective programs. Your transcript will indicate an Honors designation upon successful completion of the Honors College requirements, which includes at least 18 hours of Honors courses. Make sure to check out the Honors College Requirements for more specific requirements.

So do I actually graduate from Honors College?

No. You graduate from The University of Alabama. Because you complete the requirements of The University of Alabama Honors College, you receive an Honors certificate of completion in addition to your diploma. Honors College is an enhancement to your academic experience at The University of Alabama.

What is Honors College Assembly (HCA) and how do I join?

As a member of The University of Alabama Honors College, you are a member of our Assembly. The Honors College Assembly provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in the non-academic programming of the Honors College. Have an idea for a service project or learning opportunity for our students? Partner with the Honors College Assembly and find out how to make it work!

If I’m in Honors, do I automatically get assigned to live in the Residential College (Honors Housing)? Do I have to live there?

Students in the Honors College live in residence halls across campus and make their selections based on location, cost, roommate choice, etc. Housing selection is based on date of housing application, so students who really wish to choose their own housing and have the most choices should apply as soon as possible, after being admitted to UA. Students who apply for housing after February 1 will be assigned by Housing and Residential Communities. For more information, visit the HRC website.

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