FrSem: HYO Playing a Parable: Judeo-Christian Kingship in Final Fantasy 15

  • UH 155
  • Teacher: Wade Langer
  • Term: fall 2019
  • Credits: 3

This course highlights the influence of Judeo-Christian monarchial concepts on modern culture by exploring the Hebrew Scriptures/Christian Old Testament narratives of kingship (primarily 1 Samuel-2 Chronicles) through the lens of the best-selling PS4/XboxOne video game, Final Fantasy 15 (2016). Concepts of ancient near-eastern kingship, Levitical priesthood, religious prophecy, and messianic hope will be fully analyzed. Instruction-style includes weekly lectures, seminar-style discussions, and critical gameplay and story analyses. Upon completion students will be able to identify core Judeo-Christian kingship themes in modern culture. (For a fuller experience, students should have access to the game; however, online links to YouTube play-throughs will be provided for those without such access.)