Honors Foundations (UH) courses are the underpinnings of the Honors College experience. Traditionally limited to 15 seats to maximize meaningful academic discourse, relationship building, and faculty-student interactions, these courses allow students to explore a diverse array of topics while often granting general education core credit. After the first 6 hours, Honors Foundations count as Honors Electives.

Departmental Honors courses are offered throughout colleges across the University, feature the most outstanding and committed faculty, and are limited to only Honors College students. These courses are smaller than their non-honors counterparts and are traditionally offered as options to substitute for general education courses that fulfill core requirements. Departmental Honors courses are not typically more difficult than non-Honors sections but offer more discussion and interaction with faculty.

The Honors by Contract option provides up to 6 hours of Honors credit for Honors College students taking a departmental course at the 300 or 400 level.  In order to earn Honors credit, the student must collaborate with the course’s instructor to create an additional assignment or learning element to raise the course to Honors level work and make at least a B on the additional project. Faculty interested in learning more about the Honors by Contract process and approving applications can do so via the Honors College Approval System. See here to learn more about how to set up an Honors by Contract course.

The deadline to apply for Honors by Contract for Spring semester is February 1, 2019.

Students may pursue an Independent Study in a subject area chosen in consultation with a qualified faculty member who will supervise the project. Often, self-directed studies lead to conference presentations, publications, and other experiences unique to the student’s interests. Students can receive credit in a plethora of ways either in one single semester or over the course of many semesters. See here to learn more about how to set up an independent study.

The deadline to apply for independent study for Spring semester is January 16, 2019.

All graduate level coursework counts towards the Honors College requirements, and Honors College students are encouraged to explore graduate courses in their major field.

The Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP)allows highly talented and motivated students to earn their bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in five years in certain departments. Students should begin the application process in the fall of their junior year. See here for more information about AMP.

Abbreviation Title Term Teacher Honors Area & Credits
Abbreviation Title Term Teacher Honors Area & Credits
UH 102 Biography of Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson fall 2019 Bebe Barefoot-Lloyd 1
UH 210 Book Arts Techniques & Aesthetics fall 2019 Amy Pirkle 3
UH 155 FrSem: Adventure Literature fall 2019 Nathan Parker 3
UH 155 FrSem: HYO Cultural Literacy fall 2019 Chad Berry 3
UH 155 FrSem: HYO Digital Narratives and Social Change fall 2019 Anne Lamar 3
UH 155 FrSem: HYO Language, Society, and Transformation fall 2019 Miguel Mantero 3
UH 155 FrSem: HYO Playing a Parable: Judeo-Christian Kingship in Final Fantasy 15 fall 2019 Wade Langer 3
UH 155 FrSem: HYO Work, Play and Meaning fall 2019 Darren Surman 3
UH 120 HnExpl: Alabama’s Characteristics fall 2019 Susan Hamill 2
UH 120 HnExpl: Anarchy and Liberty fall 2019 Daniel Maguire 1
UH 120 HnExpl: Applied Politics fall 2019 Alan Spencer 1
UH 120 HnExpl: Civil Rights fall 2019 Carolyn Steverson 2
UH 120 HnExpl: Constitutional Conflicts fall 2019 Robert McCurley 2
UH 120 HnExpl: Engineering Metaphysics fall 2019 Amy Lang 2
UH 120 HnExpl: Event Management in a Modern World fall II 2019 Jami Gates Pierson 1
UH 120 HnExpl: Globalization Seminar fall 2019 Lenka Nolan 1
UH 120 HnExpl: Habitat for Humanity Preceptorship fall 2019 Ellen Potts 3
UH 120 HnExpl: Intro to Mock Trials fall 2019 Allen Linken 1
UH 120 HnExpl: Introduction to Non-Profit Management fall 2019 Eric Courchesne 3
UH 120 HnExpl: Issues and Trends in Healthcare fall 2019 Abby Horton 3
UH 120 HnExpl: Personal and Professional Development fall 2019 Amy Ratliff; Gayle Howell; Alicia Browne 2
UH 120 HnExpl: Principles of Etiquette fall 2019 Virginia Johnson 1
UH 120 HnExpl: Servant Leadership fall 2019 Trey Hayes 3
UH 120 HnExpl: The American Working Class fall 2019 Quincy Hall 1
UH 120 HnExpl: The Law of Philanthropy fall 2019 Janet Teer 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: Art for Life’s Sake fall 2019 Robert Alley 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: Film and the Environment fall 2019 Christopher Davenport 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: HYO Art & Ecology fall 2019 Christopher Davenport 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: Improvisation in Life and Work fall 2019 Robert Alley 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: Lights, Camera, Alabama! fall 2019 Billy Field 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: MOSAIC Magazine fall 2019 Henry Latta 3
UH 120 HnFinArt: Photography I fall 2019 George P Cooper 2 credits
UH 210 HnFinArt: Photography II fall 2019 Chip Cooper 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: Screenwriting: Scene Workshop fall 2019 Alan Lazer 3
UH 210 HnFinArt: The Films of Stanley Kubrick fall 2019 Alan Lazer 3
UH 400 HnIndSt: Advanced MOSAIC fall 2019 John Latta 3
UH 400 HnIndSt: Internship Prep & Interview Skills for New York fall 2019 Greg Wagner 1
UH 400 HnIndSt: MOSAIC Freelance fall 2019 John Latta 3
UH 105 HnMentor: Academic Mentoring fall 2019 Connie Coleman 3
UH 105 HnMentor: Elementary Reading spring 2019 Andrea Poole 3
UH 105 HnMentor: Failure Is Not An Option fall 2019 LeAnna Feely 3
UH 105 HnMentor: Middle and High School spring 2019 Eva Miller 3
UH 105 HnMentor: Rural Poverty in Education spring 2019 Kristie Cross 3
UH 300 HomeFirst fall 2019 TBA 3
UH 100 Honors Year One: Honors Connections fall 2019 TBA 1 (Pass/Fail)
UH 204 Honors: Classics & African Culture: Globalization fall 2019 David Ngong 3
UH 201 Honors: Classics and Western Culture fall 2019 Paul Phelps 3
UH 103 HYO: Alabama Action fall 2019 Dr. William Bryan 1 (P/F)
UH 103 HYO: Health Action fall 2019 TBD 1 (P/F)
UH 103 HYO: Outdoor Action fall 2019 TBD 1 (P/F)
UH 120 Introduction to Rural Health fall 2019 Lea Yerby 1
UH 405 LdrshpExp: EXCEL/Peer to Peer Mentoring for College Students fall 2019 Emili Alexander 1
UH 405 LeadershipExp: Advanced MOSAIC Leaders fall 2019 Henry Latta 3
UH 405 LeadershipExp: Sustained Dialogue Leaders fall 2019 Paige Bolden 3
UH 155 Narratives of Change fall 2019 Anne Franklin Lamar 3
UH 120 POSTMODERNISM fall 2019 Bebe Barefoot-Lloyd 3
UH 120 Restoring Our Divided Nation fall 2019 Robert E. Witt 1
UH 300 Sem: A Republic If You Can Keep It fall 2019 Robert Witt 3
UH 300 Sem: African-American Children’s Literature fall 2019 Marvin Sasser 3
UH 300 Sem: Art to Life fall 2019 Daniel Potts 3
UH 300 Sem: Build Your Position! Ethical Case Studies Made Practical fall 2019 Thomas Herwig 3
UH 300 Sem: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties fall 2019 Grant Wilson 3
UH 300 Sem: Dante fall 2019 Scott McWaters 3
UH 300 Sem: Environmental Research & Advocacy fall 2019 Christopher Davenport 3
UH 300 Sem: Grant Writing for Non-Profits fall 2019 Eric Courchesne 3
UH 300 Sem: Heroes of Faith and Justice in the 20th Century fall 2019 Thomas Herwig 3
UH 300 Sem: Higher Education fall 2019 Jim Bailey 3
UH 300 Sem: Literary Doctors: Medicine, Mortality, and Literature fall 2019 Joshua Weathersby 3
UH 300 Sem: Modern Poetry: Ordered Worlds as World-Orderings fall 2019 Dwight Eddins 3
UH 300 Sem: Moral Obligation and the Feminine Experience fall 2019 Lane McLelland 3
UH 300 Sem: Myth and Reality in Espionage fall 2019 Stephen Schwab 3
UH 300 Sem: New Ventures into Entrepreneurship fall 2019 Dan Daly 3
UH 300 Sem: One Nation Under God – Religion in Politics fall 2019 Thomas Herwig 3
UH 300 Sem: Political Theories of Love fall 2019 Darren Surman 3
UH 300 Sem: Practical Politics: Elections fall 2019 Robert McCurley 3
UH 300 Sem: Shakespeare fall 2019 Brad Tuggle 3
UH 300 Sem: Shakespeare’s Plays fall 2019 Paul Phelps 3
UH 300 Sem: Sustainability fall 2019 Jonathan McLelland 3
UH 300 Sem: The Legal Process fall 2019 Philip Reich 3
UH 300 Sem: Thomas Paine, Writer & Revolutionary fall 2019 John Latta 3
UH 300 Sem: Women From Antiquity to Today fall 2019 Anastasia Summers 3
UH 101 Survey: Educational Foundations of Rocketry fall 2019 W. Ross Bryan 3
UH 101 Survey: Moral Forum fall 2019 Megan Bailey 3
UH 120 The “New Journalism” and Its Legacy fall 2019 Bebe Barefoot-Lloyd 3
UH 102 Unknown Americans fall 2019 TBA 1