The Achieve Scholars Program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to acquire an education in transdisciplinary research methodology. In doing so, students will learn how to apply such methods and become more effective scholars within their major field of study; will become proficient in the skills of uniting all fields of study which will help them to become creative thinkers and problem solvers; and will also gain the skills that are necessary for successful graduate studies, professional studies and future employment.


What is Research Methodology and How Can it Help Me?
Research methodology is the study of the tools and skills used to collect and interpret information. Research methodology is embedded in every field in which a student can major. But, research methodology is also more than that. Research methods are ways of knowing that directly impact our ways of being in the world. Exploring such connections is applicable, and meaningful, as it allows us to see how the use of research methods contributes not only to the collecting and interpreting of information, but also to the development of a person’s ethical character as well.

Essential Questions
■ What methods help a person to be a good listener?

■ What methods help a person to be a good collaborator?

■ What methods help a person to be a creative thinker across all fields of study?

Curriculum Overview

Program of Study
The Achieve Scholars Program is an 18 credit hour, 4-year curriculum that students participate in throughout their undergraduate studies. It is intended to be flexible and responsive to students’ needs wherever, and whenever, possible. The curriculum below details the courses in which students will be required to participate in order to fulfill the academic requirements of the Achieve Scholars Program.

Honors College Achieve Scholars Program Courses Include:
▪ UH 100 – Honors Connections – Introduces students to the UA Honors College experience, to foundational methods of reading and trandisciplinarity, and why breadth as a scholar is necessary in finding their academic voices.
▪ UH 200 – Life as a Scholar – Introduces students to methods such as phenomenology and hermeneutics and how they can deepen knowledge within one’s chosen field of study and serve as a bridge between academic disciplines.
▪ UH 302 – The Transdisciplinary Mind: Foundations, Methods, and Ethics for the Future – Introduces students to theories of dialogue and methods such as Participatory Action Research (PAR), and how they can enable them to be effective, community-based researchers.
▪ UH 401 – Senior Capstone – Students put into practice skills and methodologies they have learned over the previous 3 years; demonstrating how transdisciplinary methods can enrich their culminating, Honors College research project.
▪ Additionally, students will take 7 hours of Honors College Courses of their choice, using the Achieve Scholars methodology contract.

Each student who is selected to participate in the Achieve Scholars Program will benefit from the in-depth, transdisciplinary, theoretical approaches of how to unite fields of study; thus becoming more creative and effective scholars and/or professionals within their field. A skillset such as this will prepare students for graduate-level studies in a way that many students do not discover often until they are in graduate school.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact: Dr. Darren Surman / / 205-348-5551

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Application Open and when does it close?
▪ The 2024-2025 Achieve Scholars application cycle will open October 31, 2023. Priority deadline for completed
applications is January 12, 2024.

How will I be notified if I am accepted?
▪ Each student who is selected to become a member of The Achieve Scholars Program will be notified via email to
the email address that the student provides on their application.

Can I be in Achieve Scholars Program and in other programs on campus?
▪ Yes! The Achieve Scholars Program is not an exclusive program. Achieve Scholars are encouraged to
participate in any other programs that they believe is beneficial to their development as a student. The Achieve
Scholars Program is designed to complement, rather than compete with, any other activities that a student
pursues as a University of Alabama student.

I am a member of another Honors Program, will those courses count toward my Achieve
Scholars Program Honors Electives?
▪ Yes! If you are also a member of Randall Research, University Fellows, Blount, McCollough, EPIC, you may count
any coursework in those program as satisfying elective requirements in The Achieve Scholars Program.

I have a question, who do I contact?
▪ For more information, please contact: Dr. Darren Surman / / 205-348-5551

Eligibility and Application

Eligibility Requirements
The Achieve Scholars Program is open to all students. It seeks to provide opportunities to and support for its program participants, including those participants from under resourced communities. Applicants to the Achieve Scholars program must also be admitted into the Honors College.



Important Dates for 2024-2025 Cohort:

Application Open: October 31, 2023

Application Closes: January 12, 2024

Expected Decision: March 2024


Current Scholars

2022 – 2023 Cohort

Charles Adams (Major: Biology, Minors: Spanish, Microbiology)

Mackenzie Ayon (Major: Aerospace Engineering)

Nairobi Brown (Major: Finance, Minor: Computing Technology & Applications)

Haley Coleman (Major: Accounting)

Maritza Colin Miranda (Major: Chemistry, Minor: Chinese)

Serenity Covington (Major: Social Work)

Ashley Hamme (Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Statistics)

Elizabeth Harrell (Major: Nursing, Minor: Blount Scholars)

Mia Hernandez (Major: Food and Nutrition, Minors: Biology, Blount Scholars)

Sophia Kelly (Major: Exercise Science, Minor: Spanish)

Aria Lawrence (Major: Apparel and Textiles, Spanish)

Emma Lowe (Major: Anthropology)

Brian Matias (Major: Secondary Education)

Cameron McGhar (Major: Nursing)

Elon McCants (Major: Accounting)

Sarah Mitchell (Major: Foreign Languages & Literature, Minors: Blount Scholars, Art History)

Treasure Mulkey (Major: Biology, Minor Spanish)

Harley Newman (Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Raj Patel (Major: Pre-Medical)

Hayden Roberts (Major: Economics, Minors: Psychology, Accounting)

Catalina Sapien (Major: Biology, Minor Spanish)

Bryannah Strickland (Major: Social Work)

Parrys Washington (Major: Biology)

U’Nique Williams (Major: Nursing)


2023 – 2024 Cohort

Xime Avila-Camarena (Major: Chemistry)

Kameron Baba (Major: Biology)

Reina Bell (Major: Biology)

Lisbeth Beriguete Ramirez (Major: Biology, Minor Geology)

Laila Bledsoe (Major: Communicative Disorders, Minor: Psychology)

Addison Brown (Major: English)

Sean Thomas Campbell (Major: Music)

Camille Catron (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Jojo Clayborne (Major: Neuroscience)

Nicholas Clephas (Major: Aerospace Engineering)

Antwon Cody (Major: Chemical Engineering)

Doris Davis (Major: Psychology)

Phillip Davis (Major: Apparel and Textiles, Minor: Communication Studies)

Elijah Doomes (Major: News Media, Minor: Spanish)

Jonas Dunning (Major: Biology)

Brody Foxx (Major: Political Science)

Meghan Gonzalvo (Major: Psychology)

Elizabeth Hazard (Major: Finance)

Woods Hobbs (Major: Political Science)

Laurel Holcomb (Major: International Studies)

Caitlin Johnson (Major: Sport Management)

Isabella Martin (Major: Finance)

Christian Merrell (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Tiyara Prince (Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Faith Ramirez (Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Aidan Salcido (Major: Biology)

Isabel Sawyer (Major: Marketing)

Kaila Simmons (Major: Public Health, Minor African American Studies)

Isaiah Thomas (Major: General Business)

KT Thomas (Major: Creative Media)

Isabelle White (Major: History)

Chesney Zillweger (Major: Nursing)


Questions: For more information, please contact Dr. Darren Surman / /