Registering for a Course that Requires “Special Approval.

  1. Go to mybama student tab, “add or drop courses” link.
  2. Jot down the CRN of the course you will be adding.
  3. Enter it in one of the boxes at the very bottom of the page labeled “CRN”.
  4. Submit the changes.
  5. Special Approval Instructions

Registration for courses that have variable credit such as Independent Study (UH 400-001), Honors Research (UH 498), or Honors Thesis (UH 499) require the following:

  1. The registration system defaults to 1 credit upon submission of the changes (step 4.)
  2. The number 1 under ‘credits’ is actually a link that allows the student to change the number of credits, submit again.
  3. If this change is not made before leaving the drop/add page the credit will remain at 1.
  4. If the student forgets to change the number of credits before leaving the page s/he can drop the course and register for it again. This will activate the numbered link once more. This will work only during the registration cycle.
  5. Credits cannot be changed by the student after close of registration.
  6. For help/questions/issues contact the Honors College registrar at 205-348-5537 or email the registrar.

Here are some registration hints and tips for incoming freshmen.